Whether your adult dog needs a tune up, you want to teach your older dog new tricks, or you have decided to finally work on those annoying habits you have been living with for so long – our adult dog training sessions are available for you to work on whatever you need.

You and your dog will work 1:1 with an experienced behaviourist to create a bespoke training programme for your dog, covering everything you’d like to work on, and taking into account all the unique aspects of your dog and your life together. Your behaviourist will then work with you through this programme, supporting you throughout the whole process with expert knowledge, being available for questions between sessions, and training your dog and you (humans need training too!) to achieve your goals.

The cost of this training is as follows:

  • £99 for a 90min initial assessment*
  • £70 per 1 hour session thereafter*
  • £180 for a block of 3 sessions*
  • £500 for a 10 session Adult Dog Training course*

*a surcharge may be applicable if your trainer has to travel far from central Oxford for sessions

To talk to us in more detail and to make a booking, get in touch.