We contacted Anthony before we bought our dog, I was not sure I wanted one but our daughter was very keen. We had no experience at all with owning any kind of four-legged friend. Anthony was patient and supportive as we pounded him with questions about; breeds, feeding, costs, training, while his perfect Pug Harold demonstrated what a well trained dog can do.

Anthony was on hand with all our questions about breeders and the buying process and then continued to train Esther, well actually taught us that the dogs know what they are doing, it’s the humans that need training which, in our case was totally true, and he managed to navigate the difficulty of keen/not so keen teenagers as we got used to our new family member.

We cannot recommend Anthony’s ability and affinity with dogs highly enough. He has made becoming a dog owner not only possible, but beyond what I thought possible, a pleasure.

Laura, Esther’s owner