Anthony has been a true ''dog whisperer'' with Leo our very large Labrador, which we rehomed.

Leo joined us having been given up by his previous owners as they had not realised how boisterous a year old Lab can be. We had Leo for 3 days and then had to go abroad, so Anthony became surrogate family.

When we handed over Leo he had only been off the lead twice in his life, both times at the weekend, and he was an unknown quantity. Anthony took him on with a big smile and after 10 days handed him back a reformed dog!

We continue to be amazed at the progress Leo makes with our weekly session with Anthony. He always asks what we want to work on and does that with a huge generosity of spirit and sharing his knowledge, and teaching us skills, so we can understand Leo better.

Leo has recently become more difficult as he reaches ''manhood'' and Anthony has been so reassuring with so much of the advice on how to get over this hump! He also reassures us that if we are consistent and follow his advice we can help Leo become the lovely dog that he can be 100% of the time, rather than the 80% of the time at the moment.

I cannot recommend Anthony highly enough and wish we had met him before to help with our previous dogs.

Patrick and Jane, Leo’s owners.