We started our sessions when our dog Pickles (Beagle x Spaniel) was around 12 months old, and we were really struggling to deal with what we now know is his prey reactivity, leading to borderline obsessive barking, pulling on the lead, and not being trusted off lead. We had previously done training sessions elsewhere that had left us feeling disheartened about our ability to train Pickles due to his breed.

We initially signed up on for 10 sessions and then another 10, and we can honestly say it transformed our relationship with our dog - Anthony gave us the tools to be able to address the prey drive behaviour and, most importantly, understand our dog much better. His realistic approach and breed-specific knowledge kept us on track, and now 18 months later we enjoy our (mostly!) quiet walks and off lead time, and we have a happy dog.

We really appreciate Anthony's kindness towards our dog, and us! He treats dogs with respect and is non-judgmental towards first time dog owners, and he is always willing to share his extensive knowledge and expertise.

We always recommend Anthony to fellow dog owners and can't thank him enough for his help.

Mark and Liv, Pickle's owners