Boot camps are the preferred option for owners for many reasons. Our boot camp sessions speed up your dog’s progress, with whole days of training for your dog. We will train your dog in whatever skills you may like, or assess your dog and put together a program.

Boot camps are ideal for:

  • accelerating your puppy’s training
  • toilet training puppies when owners are busy at work
  • helping older dogs with behavioural issues
  • helping well behaved dogs become even better behaved

Our boot camps can happen 9-5 whilst you are at work / university / watching Netflix, or during weekends, or maybe even 24/7 over whole weeks. we will design a boot camp length to suit you.

During boot camp your dog will spend his / her whole day with your trainer, with ample time for rest, and playtime designed to further their training.

Boot camp prices are as follows:

  • £350 for a full day
  • £200 for a half day

To enquire about availability and to book a session, please get in touch.