When we first contacted Anthony, we were desperate. Skyla was a lock down puppy and missed out o crucial socialisation in the first few months of her life. We had taken her on as a GSD puppy but soon discovered she was actually GSD cross Malinois – we found ourselves dealing with a very nervous and highly reactive guard breed. She reacted to cars, people and other dogs. At times it felt impossible.

We worked with Anthony 1:1 and his training, support and guidance has been invaluable. We have learnt to understand Skyla completely and what she needs from us as owners. There were many “incidents” that Anthony helped us to diffuse, navigate and resolve. He knows he traits and has always been there to give us sound, calming advice. We are so grateful for the reassurance that he gave us. We now have a much calmer and happier dog, and are far more confident and equipped owners a result.

I know Anthony will be there for us should we ever need him in the future and that is priceless. I would not hesitate to recommend Anthony and regularly do!

I am not sure where we would be without his training and dedication. Thank you so much!

Suzannah, Skyla’s owner