The Canine Behaviourist’s Reading List – The Top 10 Dog Books You Should Read

We humans love our dogs a great deal, and as such have spent a great deal of time writing about them. A quick search online or in your local bookshop will present you with a seemingly infinite number of books to choose from.

Knowing which books are best to read can be a minefield, especially if you are a novice dog owner. To save you some time our Head Behaviourist Anthony has put together a list of his 10 recommended reads for dog lovers and dog owners alike.

These books will help anyone who owns a dog, is thinking of owning a dog, or who works with dogs. The more you read, the more you will understand man’s best friend.

The list below is arranged by author, rather than in a Top Ten chart.

Gregory Berns – What It’s Like to Be a Dog

John Bradshaw – In Defence of Dogs

Stanly Coren – Why We Love the Dogs We Do

John Fisher – Think Dog

Bruce Fogle – A Dog’s Mind

Jim Gorant – The Lost Dogs 

Rodney Habib and Dr Karen Shaw-Becker – The Forever Dog  

Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods – The Genius of Dogs  

Patricia McConnell – For the Love of a Dog

Cesar Millan – Cesar’s Way