We adore dogs and are passionate about making their lives better, which is why we dedicate our lives to working with them and their humans.

We understand that most people without dogs will never know how important your dog is to you. Dogs become a part of the family in every sense, and their wellbeing is as important to you as that of any other member of the family.

Our approach to dog training is considerate and friendly, and we don’t believe in negative-reinforcement techniques being used at all. We prefer to work closely with owners, so that both you and your dog understand what we are doing and why. We are also big believers in owners learning along the way too, so be prepared for homework!

The main aim of the work we do is to make every dog a happy, well-adjusted member of the family, and we hope to be able to help you and your dog to achieve this.

Whether it’s for puppy training or fixing aggression, you will get an experienced behaviourist who will work with you 1:1 tirelessly until your dog has made the improvements they need. We happily take on any dog with any issue, and do not give up until the needed improvements are made. We aim to do this in as little time as possible, keeping your costs down but without compromising on our dedicated support, training and guidance.


Our Head Canine Behaviourist Anthony has a masters degree in Canine Behaviourism, as well as numerous certified diplomas on various aspects of canine psychology, communication, nutrition and physiology. He also spent 4yrs working in a veterinary practice.

On top of a wealth of qualifications Anthony has owned 11 dogs in total (not all at once!) including his current 4; Maggie the Jug, Ethel the Pugalier, Bruno the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and George the Frenchie Staff. He is also the author of a range of dog training guides, which can be found here.