If you’ve ever walked a dog who pulls on the lead then you will know that this can turn a pleasant stroll into an unbearable battle of wills.

If your dog is pulling on the lead then you can book me for 10 weeks, 1hr a week, where we will go out for walks and fix this behaviour. We will look at everything from your dog’s triggers for pulling to your own dog walking style.

This course is run on days to suit your calendar, taking in place around Oxford, preferably on your normal dog walk.

The cost of this training is as follows:

  • £99 for a 90min initial assessment
  • £70 per 1 hour session thereafter*
  • £180 for a block of 3 sessions*
  • £500 for a 10 session Lead Behaviour Training course*

*a surcharge may be applicable if your trainer has to travel far from central Oxford for sessions

You are more than welcome to work on other issues as well as lead behaviour during this course.

To talk to us in more detail and to make a booking, get in touch.