Agility is one of the most rewarding advanced training activities you can do with your dog. It’s great for teaching your dog a number of new tricks, and giving you both lots of exercise. Aside from helping to maintain your dogs fitness level, (and yours!), it’s also a great way to train your dog to behave better and to stay calm. Agility training generally comprises of a series of obstacles that create a course which your dog then navigates in the right order by following your directions and instructions. This takes a bit of training to accomplish but is incredibly rewarding and helps to build and strengthen a unique bond between you and your dog.

With this course there will be a lot of homework for you to do each week, so be prepared to work as hard as your canine friend!

The cost of this training is as follows:

  • £70 per 1 hour session*
  • £180 for a block of 3 sessions*
  • £500 for a 10 session Agility Training course*

*a surcharge may be applicable if your trainer has to travel far from central Oxford for sessions

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