Anthony has had Maggie since she was 14 weeks old, and has been with Anthony the longest out of any of the Canine Team. Maggie is a Jack Russell cross Pug (Jug)

Maggie is definitely the pack leader of the Canine Team. Her 6kg frame does not stop her from keeping the rest of the pack in line with her and calm-assertive energy and Jack Russell attitude

Maggie specialises in helping puppies how to play appropriately, and also helps dogs with their recall – Anthony describes Maggie as having the best recall he has ever seen


Bruno is the oldest member of the Canine Team. Anthony rescued Bruno when he was 3yrs old – he was badly injured when being used for badger baiting and was abandoned at his local vets

Bruno specialises in helping nervous / aggressive dogs rehabilitate – his perfect calm demeanour is exactly what nervous dogs need to learn how to calm down. He also helps puppies socialise, and has the most tolerance you could possibly imagine when it comes to crazy puppies

He also does a great job in showing the world what a wonderful breed of dog the Staffordshire Bull Terrier really is


Ethel is a Pug cross Cavalier, and was rescued by Anthony when she was 3yrs old. Ethel began life as a breeding bitch in an illegal puppy farm, but was rescued by the RSPCA

Her life since then has been a total transformation. From having acute PTSD, Ethel has gone on to appear on TV, in London art galleries, and be the sole face of a national Christmas card campaign

At work Ethel specialises in puppy socialising (having had all those puppies there is no dog better at being a Mum), and her fearless and calm attitude makes her perfect for rehabilitating nervous / dangerous dogs


George is the youngest member of the Canine Team, and has been with Anthony since he was 8 weeks old. George is a French Bulldog cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier – a cross affectionately known as a Frenchie Staff

George is still in training and will one day be part of the team helping the most troubled dogs we come across

For now George helps with puppy socialising, and is also starting to help other dogs with their recall training