Beauleigh AKA Scrappy Doo, Beauleigh was nearly 12 months old when we met Anthony. We had been regular attendees at 2 local dog training clubs and also seen other dog behaviourists. Beauleigh was able to pass the Bronze KCDCS standard and behave wonderfully at home. The problems started when he was out and about as he behaved quite literally like Scrappy Doo. Beauleigh wasn’t a sad dog however I felt he wasn’t happy either. Our relationship was reaching a crisis point of frustration and despair as nothing was working. The difference Anthony has made to both of us has been nothing short of amazing. Simply put, Anthony listened, understood, and observed in the environments that we found challenging. Anthony was able to diagnose the issue and causes of anxiety and demonstrate the action I needed to practise to resolve this. He has taught me so much about how to communicate with Beauleigh and given me a significant understanding of the world in the eyes of a dog. Anthony is highly qualified in dog behaviour and has willingly shared his up-to-date knowledge and methods. His methods are kind and he treats dogs with the dignity and respect they deserve. I have recommended Anthony to others and we continue to work with Anthony as whilst the issues we started with are resolved and I am able to maintain the progress, we are now enjoying learning agility and having fun.

Laura, Beauleigh’s owner