Whether you have a new puppy that needs to be house trained, or you have an older dog that has learnt some bad habits (or you’d like them to simply learn some more good habits) we can help you with whatever you need.

With our 1-to-1 sessions we will work with you and your dog(s), teaching your dog whatever skills, tricks or behaviours you would like. We can also assess your dog and advise on what he/she should be learning.

We are also happy to work with dogs who suffer with stress, anxiety and / or aggression.

Importantly, we will work with you as well, teaching you how to help teach your dog when your trainer is not around.

Our trainers can be booked for hourly sessions, 10 week courses and boot camps

An often overlooked way to extend your dog’s life is obedience training. If your dog is trained to listen to your command you can stop serious incidents from happening in the first place such as running across roads, escaping, violent incidents with other animals and eating potentially poisonous foods and substances. Teaching your dog to stay safe and to obey your commands can be a life saver and should never be overlooked.

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We offer 1:1 10 week courses, covering a number of different topics. These are designed…


Custom Built Dog Training Course

Our custom built dog training courses are the ultimate DIY courses that money can buy.…


Dog Training 1:1

When you book 1:1 dog training with us, your trainer will work with you and your dog,…


Dog Training Boot Camp

Boot camps are the preferred option for owners for many reasons. Our boot camp sessions speed up your dog’s progress.…


Dog Training International

For those of you who would like us to work with your dog but live a little too far away for …


Online Training & Guides

Get support remotely by asking our expert dog trainers or purchasing one of our guides…


Weight Management Assessment and Plan

We understand that weight management is a major factor in your dog’s health.


Behavioural Assessment and Follow-Ups

If your dog is at less than its best behaviour and this is problematic, we can help!



Remote Canine Behaviourist Assessment

Get a 30 minute video call ( Skype or Face Time ) with our Head Behaviourist Anthony.