Rafa is our much loved 18 month old Golden Retriever.

Anthony has been supporting us even before Rafa arrived!

Our journey with Anthony started because our daughter, aged 11, was incredibly scared of dogs. It was affecting her greatly, she was very fearful of any dog, large or small. Anthony was really understanding about the issue at hand. He was so patient and kind to Amber and devised a successful programme of graduated exposure that enabled her to become confident and relaxed around dogs and to enjoy their company.

Having helped Amber overcome her fear so wonderfully, we then asked Anthony for advise on getting a dog ourselves and help with puppy training when Rafa finally arrived.

I cannot overstate how essential to our ‘dog journey’ Anthony has been. He has supported our family in learning how to care for Rafa and helped us with all our concerns and queries along the way. He is incredibly knowledgeable and patient with humans and dogs alike! Rafa adores Anthony. As first time dog owners, we would honestly be in a complete and utter mess without his guidance.

I have recommended Anthony to several friends who have all been very pleased with his support. Many dog owners I have met on walks have happened to mention Anthony in conversation. He has a fantastic reputation around Oxford for good reason and has helped many local families and their fury friends.